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Abhinav City

Abhinav City offers fully developed residential plots from 600 sqft to 1500 sqft area located near 75 acres of Oxyzone called Indira Smritivan in Raipur. Spread across more than 15 acres of land,

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The Perfect Location

Located at the heart of the capital city Raipur, Abhinav City features many location advantages. The project is right besides 75 Acres of Oxyzone ie Indira Smritivan that assures healthy lifestyle. It is just minutes away from prominent location like Ambuja Mall, Chhattisgarh Science Center, Decathlon, Bus Stand, Railway Station and Swami Vivekananda Airport. Learn More

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Lead Sales Manager

I have been growing parallel with Abhinav City project in development by Abhinav Builders. I can assist you in sorting best options at Abhinav City based on your needs. Each plot at Abhinav City has unique feature in terms of views, benefit and of course belief systems. 


Artificial Assistant

I am available 24 x 7 on my link below. I am designed to answer all your queries about Abhinav Builders projects ie Abhinav City and Abhinav Sky. You can navigate with simple choices that help me to understand your requirements. Furthermore, you can even book a site visit from me or ask me to get a call back from our executives.

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Abhinav Sky

Abhinav Sky is a multistoried luxurious residential tower located in the center of Raipur City, Mowa. These luxury apartment boast QC RCC frame structure with best material component. From Sal wood door frames to anti-skit ceramic tiles, the residential has got it all. A landscape with lush green gardens, children playing area, gym and meditation hall, this abode promises to offer a luxury lifestyle right in the heart of capital city, Raipur.

There’s no compromise in the built quality of these apartments. 8” & 4” think brick masonry wall, 3 track anodized aluminum sliding window with mosquito shutter. Sal wood door frames, laminated design door shutter at entrance and other Masonite door. Vitrified tiles flooring in all master bedroom, anti-skit ceramic tiles in balconies and wash area. Granite top kitchen platform. Every inch of the residential area has been built with a fine sense of detail.

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Abhinav Sky

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Find Complete Project Details of Abhinav Sky Here